Currently: 1.19.2009

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Currently: 12.23.08

This snow is the craziest thing ever. Having grown up in Wyoming I should be used to this, but having not lived there for a while I have forgotten what having all of this snow is like. I didn't have gloves, I don't have boots, we don't have a snow shovel. To top it all off, BOTH heaters in the main living area have died. Thank god we still have power, water, and four wheel drive.

This is the back yard taken from the upstairs window. Crazy! I love having snow for the Holidays, but this quite enough, thank you and from what I can tell we aren't done yet. But almost. I hope.

Abruptly changing subjects...have you ever seen a red walnut?
red walnut
My sister-in-law sent me these. Apparently one of the farmers she shakes nuts for (they do mechanical fruit and nut harvesting) planted some of these as an experiment. They are so pretty and are milder than regular walnuts without that puckering bitterness. They would be gorgeous sprinkled on a trifle or something like that.

I have two days until vacation and I think they will be the longest two days of my life. I have my christmas cards, but no stamps people so fair warning. Getting to the post office on these roads is a precarious mission so forgive me if my holiday greetings arrive late.

Merry Christmas!


Currently: 12.11.08

I have been trying to finish a project I started back in March. MARCH! Remember the Great Hallway Makeover? Here's a "before" to refresh:


It's not so great and not totally made over, but I am working on that. I basically had all of the doors at least primed on one side, the trim painted and one coat of paint on the walls. And then...I stopped. I am not sure what happened. I lost interest I guess? I started a new job around that time and that definitely contributed. Also, I have to say that I was not thrilled with the color I chose for the walls and the thought of repainting was just too much at the time. So we have been living with sloppy painted trim/doors on the INSIDES of the rooms the doors go into (like the bedroom, the bathroom...) and finally Jeffery had enough. It was time to finish what I started, and this time I was going to do it right. Right being taking the doors completely off as well as all hinges and doorknobs. Elementary, I know, but for some reason I didn't think to do that the first time. And instead of whipping myself into a frenzy by the enormity of the task, I am breaking it down and have been doing just one door a week. I have four done and have three left:

hallway - after

The door at the end of the hallway, which goes into my little cave, is on tap for this weekend. As you can see one side has been primed and the trim has been completely painted. I am also planning on changing the doorknobs and have been looking for options. I want white knobs, but everyone I have found has been super pricey. I still don't like the color on the walls. It's too yellow. I was aiming for the white trim/cream wall combo. Thank god I only painted one coat.

hall close-up
I am thinking the middle color I have punched holes in will be the new hall color. Still a subtle contrast but not so yellow. Yuck. Now if we could only get rid of the carpet I would be ecstatic!


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